Saturday, 19 July 2008

Taking A Break

Taking a short break from the Art Quest Challenge, in the meantime why not check out my other blog for the aRtbUzz cHallenge?

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Cracked Glass

For this challenge I want you to have a look at the following technique page:

Basically it is a technique which involves using utee or clear embossing powder to create a faux cracked glass technique, you can either follow the exact instructions on the link provided or google for the Cracked Glass technique and see what sites you can find out there! Or if you want to you can tweak the technique and them and come up with your own variation on the cracked glass technique - its up to YOU!

Use the Cracked Glass Technique to create either a sketchbook or altered book page spread and share what you make!

Heres some links I found to other Cracked Glass Tutorials for you to look at:

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Food Labels

I dont care if people throw things at me for having too many challenges Im having another one!! :)

The theme this time is 'Food Labels & Packaging'

For this challenge I want you to recycle some food labels or packaging and use it on an altered book or sketchbook page in some shape or form.

The actual label or packaging must form part of your design - in other words you cant take a cereal packet and rip it up and then gesso it and cover it up and make it into something different.

The actual design printed on the label or packaging MUST be visible and play an important part of your page and be used to influence the overall theme and mood of the spread.

Think wine labels, tea packaging, coffee packets - or any unusual and bright labels and packaging.

Go forth and make art using this theme and dont forget to SHARE it with me or I'll cry :(

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Customised Stencils

Time for another new challenge theme!

This months challenge for Art Quest is 'Customised Stencils'

For this challenge I want you to think about cutting and making your own stencil from scratch.

Before you begin your going to need some kind of image to make into a stencil - you could doodle or draw something and make a stencil from your own drawings. You could even use clip art images if your not very good at doodling - some clip art is available in silhouette form already if you wanted to cheat a little :) Why not try using large printed letters or even words to create unique wordy stencils in a nice bold font.

Once you've decided on the image your going to use; print it and cut it out and then transfer the image outline onto either a sheet of acetate or a sturdy sheet of card. For acetate you can trace the image through the plastic with a permanent marker pen. On card you'll need to draw round the image with a pencil onto the card.

Tip: When making stencils I like to use sturdy recyled food packaging boxes for this because they are usually colour printed and laminated on one side which seems to make the stencils a little sturdier.

Once you've transfered the stencil image you are ready to cut it out! Use a sharp craft knife - prefably with a new blade on a rubber cutting mat and slowly cut out the image to make your own unique customise stencil.

Thats the stencil made - now the fun part!

Make ART!

You can stipple paint using a stippling brush, use oil pastels, use spray inks or even use some thick embossing paste - anything at all! Why not try it all! Experiment and play and have fun and create artwork using your unique customised stencil in your books!

And dont forget to SHARE what you made with us :)

Heres a link to a customised stencil page I made earlier:

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Faux Chip Board Technique

As promised to many of you have emailed me heres the next theme in the Art Quest Challenge!

For this challenge we are going to work the the Faux Chip Board Technique!

I dont know about you guys but I love the look of chipboard! Theres something about it I cant put my finger on, its so easy to paint and embellish and distress! My only gripe about it is that it can become quite heavy if you use a lot of it, especially if you want to spell out words on altered book pages!

If you have Bernie Berlins Artist Trading Card Workshop you've probably already come across this technique because thats where I first saw it and fell in love with it. Its a very simple yet ingenius technique which anyone can do!

All you need is some shaped fun foam stickers - if you dont have stickers you can use the craft sheets and cut your own shapes using a die cutting machine or craft punches. Foam stickers come in all shapes and sizes - theres variety packs featuring alphabets, animals, celestial, hearts even festive shapes and flowers too! They are pretty fun and usually in very bright day glow colours!

In addition to the foam stickers you need some of that good old trusty artists friend otherwise known as GESSO! You need the coloured variety of gesso not the clear - white, black or grey would all be perfect.

Next your going to need acrylic paints - the colours you pick are entirely up to YOU!

Got your basics? Got your book ready? Lets go...

1. Get your foam shapes and stick them down onto your altered book or sketchbook page - arrange them across to make a pattern or use alphabets to spell out words - its up to you (as always!)

2. Apply a generous coat of gesso over the entire book pages and also across the foam shapes. Let the gesso dry. If the colour of the foam shapes are still visable (the colours are pretty strong) you may need 2 coats of gesso.

Once the gesso is dry you'll probably notice that the foam shapes are now almost solid and also resemble chip board - now you see why its called 'Faux Chip Board' huh ;)

3. Once the gesso is dry, paint over the entire book pages and gesso-ed shapes with one colour of acrylic paint. Let dry.

4. Next dry brush some paint over the top of the actual foam shapes in a contrasting colour of acrylic paint - ie if youve painted your entire book pages in deep maroon; dry brush over the top in a light pink to create a contrast between the background and the foam shapes. Let dry.

Once dry you can leave your foam shapes as they are or you can actually use your rubber stamps to stamp over just the foam shapes!!

Decorate your page how you wish to finish this challenge and share your artwork by leaving me a link to your artwork!

Heres some links to atcs I made using this technique last year so you can see what this technique looks like: